What I Wore: A Nashville Inspired Outfit In The Lead Up To Field Trip Festival 2016

Like any normal person, one of my favourite things to talk about is Netflix and what everyone is watching right now. Except, in my case, I’m very rarely watching what everyone else is, and most often can be found happily enjoying my favourite Rom-Coms and Dramas that are normally meant for an audience that’s half my age.

Despite it’s lack of scenes based in high school hallways and story lines surrounding prom night, the now defunct show, Nashville, has captured my heart, hard. It was actually only very recently announced that this amazing drama series was cancelled, and it was one of the most devastating pieces of news I’d heard in quite some time. From the Entertainment world at least.

What I Wore: A Nashville Inspired Outfit In The Lead Up To Field Trip Festival 2016

If you have any interest in country culture, very good looking people. country-pop stars, and musicians in general, then I highly suggest you clear your schedule for the next week and sit down to get caught up on the wonderful, drama-filled world of Nashville.

As someone who is not really into musicals, I have to tell you that the music in this show is SO GOOD. And it’s not a musical at all. It just happens to be a show about country stars and musicians who play and sing a lot of really great music. Even my music-snob boyfriend has admitted on multiple occasions that the music in the show is great!

Lennon Stella and Maisy Stella are two real-life sisters from Oshawa, Ontario (woohoo, go Canada!) who play the talented daughters of leading lady – and The Queen of Country – Rayna James. The girls are so good that they’ve already managed to make a name for themselves as a powerful musical duo, outside of the show.

And to my absolute delight. Lennon & Maisy are returning to their home country this weekend to play at Field Trip festival in Toronto this weekend!

What I Wore: A Nashville Inspired Outfit In The Lead Up To Field Trip Festival 2016

Once I found out I got so excited that I decided to put together an outfit inspired by Nashville the city, the show, and their instagram accounts. The fact that my friends at Fidelity Denim had sent me a pair of their flared ‘Saffron‘ jeans didn’t hurt either.

Although I probably won’t wear long flared jeans and platform sandals to a music festival in a giant field of grass, this is what I’m wearing to dance around on solid floors in celebration, before their actual show.

Here’s a video of one of my favourite Lennon & Maisy videos below.



For more info on the Field Trip Festival 2016 line up and buying tickets click HERE.


See you there!



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