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Gracie Carroll - Through Thick and Thin: My Hair Loss and Hair Growth Journey - PRIORIN

The first time I remember having hair concerns was 7 years ago, when I lived in London, UK. I was 22, stressed out, had no money, and, on top of it all, worried about the health of my hair.

My most vivid memory of this moment in time is of me sitting in my bedroom in front of the mirror fresh out of the shower. I was brushing out my wet hair, wondering how concerned I should be about the amount of hair accumulating on my hair brush

It wasn’t as though I had patches of missing hair, or hardly anything on my head, but, before then my super long mermaid-like hair was always extremely thick, and there was A LOT of it. So much so that my hairdresser used to complain about how long it would take to blow out my hair, and that she needed to take breaks to rest her arms. Seriously, no weave or clip ins were needed for this girl back then, but I’ve been considering them ever since.

My hair has never returned to be the full mane it once was, and it feels like I’ve become increasingly worried and self-conscious about the health of my hair with every passing year.

Gracie Carroll - Through Thick and Thin: My Hair Loss and Hair Growth Journey - PRIORIN

Considering I lead a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet (I even take my vitamins every day!), I believe that much of the problem comes down to stress. But how much yoga can one really do to try and relax? I’m someone whose been stressed out since the age of 14 and it’s only been getting worse with the more responsibilities I have as an adult!

With the fresh start of a new year – and the last year of my twenties – I knew that part of my personal reset needed to be trying to keep my hair at a healthy place. But this time, I knew I needed more than just guidance for deep breathing during a Savasana.

Gracie Carroll - Through Thick and Thin: My Hair Loss and Hair Growth Journey - PRIORIN

Enter: PRIORIN. Being a bit of a hippie about what goes into my body, at first I was nervous about what might be contained in the capsules but quickly felt assured after reading that PRIORIN supplies the hair with nutrients, including millet extract, the amino acid L-cystine and calcium pantothenate (which in combination has been clinically shown to stimulate and improve hair growth and re-growth, according to their website), as well as the nutrient biotin, which helps to maintain healthy hair.

Unfortunately for those of us struggling to grow out our hair, hair growth is slow. This is not a magic pill that will have you waking up looking like Rapunzel the next day. PRIORIN’s hair care program helps hair growth, but natural progress is slow, and requires a bit of patience, along with a 3 to 6-month commitment.

So here’s phase 1 of my experience. I’ve started taking 2 PRIORIN capsules daily with food, and I’m excited to see, and share, the results over the next few months.

Gracie Carroll - Through Thick and Thin: My Hair Loss and Hair Growth Journey - PRIORIN

By the way, if you don’t believe my hair woes, here’s a picture of my hair 5 and a half years ago (yes, even after I had moved back to Toronto from London!). It’s hard to believe that even back then I was worried about my hair!

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