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Let’s face it, living with allergies is basically the worst. Not only do allergies make you feel horrible, but they’re often triggered by things you can’t help but love. You might recall my post from last year, when I wrote about the unfortunate realities of being an animal lover even when you’re extremely allergic to them, where I highlighted my own struggles with loving my house cat, Emmy. Since that story (and the impending spring season) made me realize that there are a lot of things that I love in life that cause me to wheeze and sneeze, I thought I would expand on the topic this year to point out just how ridiculous life can be when you have to live with even the most common of allergies. Here’s a list of some of my own personal allergic reactions that irk me most. Perhaps you’ll agree with me?


 Animals (Including My Cat)

The Truths of Living with Allergies: What To Do When You're Allergic To All of Your Favourite Things


How is it at all fair to be allergic to loveable, furry creatures? If I could live on a farm with a million adorable animals running around happily, I would. But I would also most certainly suffer from on-going allergic symptoms that would make it nearly impossible to function on a daily basis. Reacting to my fluffy adorable cat after a cuddle session is bad enough, I guess it’s a good thing she hates when I pick her up and try to cuddle her?



Fresh Flowers, Yes Even Bouquets. 

The Truths of Living with Allergies: What To Do When You're Allergic To All of Your Favourite Things

Have you ever had someone surprise you with an incredible fresh bouquet of flowers only to be thanked with your unstoppable sneezing fit? Well, I have and it’s horribly embarrassing. Did you know that some of the flowers with the most pollen production include chamomile, chrysanthemums, daisies, goldenrod and sunflowers? Thankfully the simple tulip should be on the ‘safe’ list for most of us.


 Spring Season AKA Going Outside

The Truths of Living with Allergies: What To Do When You're Allergic To All of Your Favourite Things

Have you ever looked out the window and smiled with joy because of the glorious sunshine before realizing you can’t actually go out to enjoy it? I feel like this happens to me every spring season and always guarantees a good ol’ case of the sads. Often seasonal allergies bring on a mix of symptoms like a runny or congested nose, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes , leaving you feeling miserable, even on the nicest of days. In my opinion, allergy sufferers should not have to miss out on any nice days, even at the height of allergy season!



 My House AKA Staying Inside

The Truths of Living with Allergies: What To Do When You're Allergic To All of Your Favourite Things

Allergies, allergies, allergies, can you give us a break? If we can’t go outside and can’t stay INside, where are we supposed to go!? I will admit that #CasaGC isn’t exactly a minimalist urban sanctuary (in fact it’s more like the urban cave of a maximalist shopping addict) but, still. While I do my best to keep it as clean and tidy as possible with a busy work schedule, there is obviously dust in my house that I just can’t avoid and in turn results in the occasional reaction. This always leaves me thinking: Is nowhere safe?!


Unfortunately for many of us, these symptoms are just something we have to deal with in our daily lives, but with the right preparation, we can take control of them, rather than have them take control over us. REACTINE® has always been my go-to for fighting allergies, and greatly reduce my reactions once they’ve hit. In fact, if you went through the drawers at #CasaGC right now, you would find my drawer is stocked with boxes of REACTINE® , as well as inside every suitcase I travel with. Like I said, preparation is key!

As the experts in fighting these types of allergy symptoms, REACTINE® offers more than just their tablets, and are introducing two new products this upcoming spring, REACTINE® NatureEase Nasal Spray for dry, irritated noses and REACTINE® Kids Syrup available to help sufferers of all ages. In fact, REACTINE® tablets can even be combined with their nasal spray for double duty relief of dry, irritated nose.

With spring time just around the corner (yay!) and allergy season (boo!), be prepared with help from REACTINE® so you can enjoy every day just as much as everyone else.





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