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{Recipe} A Homemade BBQ Sauce with Nespresso

The first signs of spring are practically synonymous with the start of BBQ season. Sure, some Canadians might scoff at that remark, firmly believing that true Canadians barbecue all year [Read more ...]

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{Recipe} Gluten-Free Banana Cookie Muffins!

It really drives me crazy to waste food (especially when it’s high quality, organic produce that I’ve paid good money for) so I try to do everything in my power [Read more ...]

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{Recipe} Vodka Chicken with Luksusowa Potato Vodka

Despite my love for vodka martinis, vodka isn’t something I drink regularly, especially at home. Still, I seem to accumulate bottles of it regularly. Recently receiving one brought back for [Read more ...]

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{Recipe} Dad’s Delicious Eggplant Pasta

For all of my lovely friends who requested the recipe for my dad’s eggplant pasta that I made (and instavideo’d) the other night — here it is! This is such [Read more ...]

Sochi Olympics Medals Ceremony Freestyle Skiing Women
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Detoxing with Olympic Champion, Kelsey Serwa!

Remember when you saw that quote about Beyonce having as many hours in a day as you do, how silly you felt for ever complaining that you’re ‘so busy’? Well, [Read more ...]

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{Recipe} Spicy Momofuku Roasted Rice Cakes

The Momofuku roasted rice cakes recipe is something that instantly sends me back to my days as a kid, sitting around our big black table and indulging in the spicy, [Read more ...]

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{Happy Hour} How To Make a French 75 Cocktail!

Lately I seem to have accumulated hefty amounts of both bubbly and gin in my house; leftover perks (I assume) from the new house/birthday/move in/christmas/new year celebrations that I feel [Read more ...]

Scaddabush Yonge and Gerrard
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Where To Go #TO: Scaddabush Yonge & Gerrard

An eclectic mix of dishes at Scaddabush Yonge and Gerrard Yonge and Dundas certainly isn’t my favourite area of Toronto, but it is definitely one that I have spent a [Read more ...]

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Where To Go #TO: Eating at Cafe Boulud Toronto

If you have seen ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop‘ then you will, without a doubt, recognize the art that lines the walls of Cafe Boulud Toronto¬†as the works of Mr. [Read more ...]

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Chef Susur Lee Recipe x Soda Stream Giveaway!

The negative temperatures and constant snowfall of the #PolarVortex have got me thinking it’s Christmas all over again. Seriously, every time I’ve opened my door recently to find a fresh [Read more ...]