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Find Out How To Join The Adidas Movement in Toronto! #HereToCreate

Although it was just over a year ago when I started to openly write about my personal #GCfit challenge to get myself back into great shape, fitness has always played [Read more ...]

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VIDEO! The Best 5-Ingredient Authentic Guacamole Recipe EVER

Hi friends! Did you know that Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner, happening on May 5th? To get you excited to celebrate – Β and even host your own [Read more ...]

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Host a Dinner Party At Home and #JustCook This Easy One-Pot Jambalaya Recipe!

These days, socializing, to me, does not involve line ups and loud clubs, it involves quality time spent at home with my friends. I’ve been very open about my love [Read more ...]

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Celebrity Trainer Harley Pasternak Shares His Top Tips For Working Out with Fitbit!

(posing with my girls Casie Stewart and Nelia Belkova with Harley Pasternak) Probably one of the coolest and funnest things about my job as a blogger and fitness enthusiast is [Read more ...]

how to host a dinner party - my top 10 tips #justcook
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How To Host A Dinner Party My Top 10 Tips #JustCook

It’s no secret that I love hosting dinner parties at home. As a busy blogger, I spend most of my time running around the city from meeting to meeting, and [Read more ...]

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How To Eat Healthy When You Work A Lot Plus Contest GIVEAWAY! #SmartStash

In yesterday’s post I shared some thoughts (and stats!) on finding that work life balance sweet spot, and funding more vacations. Taking some “me time” is not only important throughout [Read more ...]

how to find work life balance and fund more vacations
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Work Hard, Play Hard: How To Find The Work-Life Balance Sweet Spot And Fund More Vacations

Working from my shared work space at East Room. As Canadian Millennials, we work hard for our money, and we like to go out and enjoy it too. From fancy [Read more ...]

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My Homemade Hummus Recipe VIDEO Is Here!! #GracieCooks YouTube

Happy Friday everyone! And an extra good Friday at that, because it is actually Good Friday today – YAY! Since most of you have the day off, and can Β enjoy [Read more ...]

gnochetti with pesto genovese recipe
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Gnocchetti with Pesto Genovese Recipe by Chef Evan Funke of FELIX LA

Is it just me, or does a gloomy rainy day just make you want to curl up on the couch and dig into a warm bowl of pasta? This week’s [Read more ...]

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Why The #StayDate Is The Best Kind of Date Night For Busy People (And Bloggers)

It might seem a little ridiculous to feel ‘burnt out’ from having to go to a lot of fun and glamorous events so often (I do realise how this sounds, [Read more ...]