Anyone familiar with my style of cooking and hosting knows that I’m a big fan of doing everything “family style”meaning guests are able to help themselves from a spread served in big bowls, platters and sometimes even the pots and pans they were cooked in. While it may not be the fancy pants way to serve a dinner, in my opinion, this creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable getting involved. It also creates less stress (and work) for you, the host, which is obviously a huge bonus when you’re entertaining!

As you can imagine, I like to offer my guests the same comfort and freedom when it comes to serving themselves beverages too, which is why I love setting up an easy DIY bar to compliment any party. These days my social calendar seems to be filled to the brim with engagement parties, bridal showers and (you guessed it) baby showers, which inspired me to share how to set up an easy DIY prosecco bar at home.

I know all-too-well that planning a party can be stressful, time consuming and hella expensive. Seriously, if you’ve been assigned party-planning duties to celebrate a friend or family member, you basically deserve an award. But, there are always ways to make things easier, and more affordable. So, in partnership with my friends at La Marca Prosecco, here I’m breaking down a few simple things you need to set up a party perfect DIY prosecco bar that you can create at home or any event space. La Marca Prosecco likes to help #MakeEveryDaySparkle, and with this pretty little set up (complete with La Marca, obvi), I like to think you can make every party sparkle too. Here’s what you need:

What You Need To Set Up DIY Prosecco Bar at Home

A Theme

  • Themed parties are my absolute jam. Although I’ve hosted some that have been completely over the top, some have been as simple as using the theme of ‘Pizza’. Don’t be frightened by the idea of a theme, it can help you organize and stay focused, as well as delegate. If you’re hosting a birthday, bridal or baby shower (for example), figuring out a colour theme can be the first very helpful step towards planning a stunning party. Naturally, a DIY prosecco bar is going to be a rather popular spot, so make sure you’ve got a theme for your bar, or your over-all party theme translates to your prosecco table too.


  • Once your theme (and colour or print scheme) has been decided, you can begin hunting for the perfect decorations. For this table set up I decided to focus on the ever-so-popular pink and rose gold to create a pretty set up that would work for a number of different celebrations. One thing that’s important to remember is that your ‘theme’ can go beyond decorations on a wall, here I pulled things together with rose gold accents found throughout the table.

Toasting Flutes

  • Far too many glasses have been broken during parties at #CasaGC for me to confidently suggest investing in crystal flutes for your prosecco bar. They also happen to be expensive af to supply for a big crowd, but if you’re fancy like that, go for it by all means (since you have them). I will say that I do prefer a real glass to a plastic one, so I suggest poking every where from dollar stores to discount home decor stores to see what you can find. I picked these pretty short flutes for their great look and price, along with the fact that smaller glasses can help manage how fast your crowd goes through the prosecco you’ve provided and encourage responsible consumption.


  • No surprise here, prosecco is the most important part of preparing your prosecco bar at home. Ever since I was first introduce to La Marca Prosecco, I’ve become totally hooked. Not only is the bottle and branding sophisticated and beautiful (perfect for any party!) but it tastes wonderful too. What I love most about La Marca is how light and refreshing it is, which makes it easy to enjoy especially when it’s the star of the show.

Drink Mix

  • Hosting without blowing your budget often takes some clever thinking when it comes to how you can stretch your star products (which are often the most expensive). Providing a selection of drink mix will not only allow your guests to get creative with their own prosecco cocktails, but it will slow down how fast you get through all the bottles you have on hand for the party. For my bar, I provided a selection of fresh orange juice, lemonade (infused with a sprig of rosemary), and a black currant liqueur such as Cassis.


  • Your selection of drink mix can be complimented with a range of garnish to jazz up any glass of prosecco and make it look even prettier than it does on its own. Even without any mix added, fresh fruits are a fantastic way to infuse extra flavour to a fresh glass of La Marca Prosecco. My favourite fruits to add are fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, peaches and lemon. Simply place them into separate small bowls and line them up on your prosecco bar.

Sweet Treats

  • No party would be complete without snacks on hand and there’s no better compliment to a beautiful prosecco bar than some sweet treats. The great thing about sweets is that you can often select what you serve based on what will work with your theme or decorations. For this bar set up I purchased a box of sugar-coated donuts and stacked them together to create an easy and inexpensive (but visually pleasing) no-bake ‘cake’. However, my main showstopper was the Peaches & Prosecco Cake Recipe made with La Marca Prosecco. Click HERE to get the recipe!

I hope this simple and easy set up helps inspire you to add some sparkle to your next party with La Marca Prosecco!




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