how to celebrate chinese new year 2017

Although my background is half Korean, a quarter English and a quarter Scottish, Chinese New Year is something that my family has celebrated with some of our closest friends for as long as I can remember.

Kicking off 2016 with a partnership with Uncle Ben’s where we got to transform #CasaGC with amazing decor and create fun videos to share tips for the best ways to host and celebrate the Lunar New Year, was definitely a highlight. As y’all know, IΒ love hosting a great party at home, and this was one of the best yet!

Chinese New Year 2017 is coming up on February 28th 2017, and this year the celebration is all about the ROOSTER! Since I’m travelling at the moment (hello from FRANCE!), I wont’ be hosting a party at home, however, I wanted to share the videos and tips from last year’s collaboration since so much of it still applies to any Chinese New Year celebration, no matter what the year. Just remember that it’s no longer the year of the Monkey!

See below to watch our 3 little videos on Decor, Food and Traditions.

Chinese New Year Style & Decor

Chinese New Year Easy Recipes

Chinese New Year Traditions and Table Settings

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