Hi! I’m Gracie Carroll, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Since you’ve clicked on my About page, here’s a little about me…

I’m a born and bred downtown Toronto kid, raised by a mother in fashion and a father in music. In grade one, I wrote down “Supermodel” (in French, no less) when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. Not that I don’t appreciate my genetic makeup or anything, but sadly I had to put that dream to bed when I realized I wouldn’t make it past 5’5″.

That didn’t deter me from fashion though, and halfway through high school I set my sights on getting into the Fashion Communication program at Ryerson University. To build up my portfolio, I got a job in retail before I was legally allowed to work, and interned for university credit before I had even started university. Yes, I really was a dedicated slave to fashion at the ripe age of 15!

After my third year at Ryerson, I packed up everything and moved down to New York City to intern in the fashion department of Teen Vogue Magazine. My six months spent there were filled with eye-opening and unforgettable experiences that have played an integral part in the shaping of who I am and my career today.


Before all that New York business, I fell in love with a British boy with a guitar in a band called Dragonette. His rockstar lifestyle allowed him to hop around the world and stop in to visit me wherever I was, but by Christmas time of my final school year, he moved back to London, UK for good. So what’s a girl to do, cry about it? No. I applied for a two-year UK work visa, launched a fashion + diary blog called London Snog and hopped on a plane the day after my very last exam.

My first year across the pond was spent dabbling in fashion PR for boutique agencies and an online magazine, all the while trying to adjust to my new life abroad. Living and working in London is tough, and after my first year it felt like I hit rock bottom and was ready to pack it all in. Then the stars aligned and somehow I got the chance to meet with the Executive Fashion Editor of ELLE UK for a coffee and a chat about my career. Then she offered me a job at the magazine.

So, my biggest London dream came true: I got to work at ELLE UK, directly assisting their Fashion Features Director, Rebecca Lowthorpe. What can I say about Team ELLE? They are the most incredible, talented, inspiring and genuinely nice group of people I have ever had the privilege of working with, and I miss them every day!


Now I am back in Toronto, and this here is my new blog, a fusion of my old blogs, London Snog, Joli Lapin (my other blog ps. I love to cook and collect cute things too!), that features all of the things I get up to and interest me on a day-to-day basis. Hope you enjoy it!



ps. let’s keep in touch!

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