Gracie Carroll - 8 Steps To Create a 90s inspired Beauty and Fashion Look

Although I will admit it feels a little odd to get to the point in your life where trends from your childhood are coming back into fashion, as a lover of all things ‘90s I can’t really complain. Most of my favourite movies (hello, Clueless!) and music are still from the decade before we entered the ‘00s, and still regularly inspire my fashion and beauty choices. Whether you lived through the ‘90s or not, there’s no denying that it’s currently got some major influence on today’s best street style. If you’re interested in re-living (or trying for the first time) some of the decade’s best trends, here are 8 steps to create a ‘90s inspired beauty and fashion look!

Gracie Carroll - 8 Steps To Create a 90s inspired Beauty and Fashion Look

1. Wear a Darker Lip

One of the easiest ways to channel a ‘90s beauty look is to wear a darker, and deeper red lip. Think colours like plum and oxblood to get a super vampy look very quickly. If you’re good with a lip pencil you can take the trend one step further by lining your lips with a colour that’s even darker than your lipstick.

2. Enhance Your Brows

The 90s were all about eyebrows so don’t be afraid of making your brows bigger and bolder to truly channel this trend. Since I already have thick eyebrows, I enhance them by using a bit of brow shadow in dark brown to intensify their look.

3. Bleach Your Hair

When I think about the ‘90s, one of the first things that comes to mind is when all of my friends bleached their hair. I mean, blonde hair and black roots were EVERYTHING. Perhaps you don’t have to go so extreme (although platinum blonde hair is definitely having a moment), you can also try Balayage for lightning your colour.

Gracie Carroll - 8 Steps To Create a 90s inspired Beauty and Fashion Look

4. Always Have a Bright Smile

No matter what decade you’re channeling, a bright white smile is always the way to go. Thankfully, we are no longer dealing with technology from the ‘90s when it comes to teeth whitening, especially at home, so there’s really no excuse. I love using Colgate* Optic White TM/MC to keep up with daily maintenance and gentle brightening that really works.

5. Incorporate Hair Accessories

I definitely don’t have the same amount of time to create crazy ‘90s hairstyles like I did when I was a kid, but, I will admit that I did get giddy with excitement when I came across these little star clips that instantly reminded me of childhood. These were easy to incorporate to jazz up a low, messy bun.

Gracie Carroll - 8 Steps To Create a 90s inspired Beauty and Fashion Look

6. Embrace Hoop Earrings

Is there anything more 90s than hoop earrings? I don’t think so! Whether you decide to go high end or cheap and cheerful, a great pair of hoops is an easy way to inject a bit of 1997 into your outfit in 2017. Plus, they look great with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a dressier look.

7. Wear Floral Prints

I can’t help but think “Blossom!” anytime I see a good floral print dress, and hopefully most of you reading this post will know the reference. There’s really no limit to how you or where you can incorporate a good ‘90s floral print – a dress, pair of jeans, t-shirt – it all works!

Gracie Carroll - 8 Steps To Create a 90s inspired Beauty and Fashion Look

8. Invest in Velvet

Velvet was EVERYTHING back in the ‘90s and I’m so glad to see it back in style. My favourite way to wear velvet right now is by rocking velvet shoes, like the velvet boots I’m wearing here. Like a floral print, you’ve got lots of options when it comes to incorporating velvet into your outfit whether it’s as small as a velvet choker, or as grand as a velvet jacket.

Even if you decide not to combine all of these tips into one look (as I did), use this as a guide to incorporate little hints of the ‘90s into your look in an easy way. But most importantly, already remember to wear what makes you look and feel good, and have FUN while doing it!



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