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There’s just something about the extra long Easter long weekend that always ignites the urge to purge and spring clean the shit out of my house. If you, like me, have suddenly been able to turn your home from looking like a landfill to a zen garden, you might also be looking for a place to be able to donate your amazing but not-so-needed-anymore items to a deserving place in Toronto.

More specifically, if you have new or lightly used clothing that’s up for grabs, I’d like to suggest donating to New Circles and the Prom Boutique 2017. Why? Because there’s no doubt that we fashion-obsessed women have a few spare dresses, shoes and accessories that could help provide teens in the need the opportunity to get outfitted for their prom. Ps. If you’ve got a man, a brother or a friend with spare slim suits, shirts and shoes to donate, please have them get involved with the purge too!

To make donating to the New Circles Prom Boutique 2017 that much easier. Here’s a list of 8 drop off locations in Toronto where you can take your clothing and accessories to donate until May 1st, 2017:

smoke + ash queen west toronto

Smoke + Ash Queen West (image via Blog TO)

1. Bosley Real Estate

290 Merton St | 416-322-8000

2. Flair Trade

3241 Yonge St | 416-782-0211

3. Gibson’s Cleaners

4241 Dundas St. W | 416-239-2301

4. Gibson’s Cleaners

258 Beresford Ave | 647-351-2301

Henkaa toronto

Henkaa Toronto

5. Henkaa

1245 Caledonia Rd #101 | 647-708-6522

6. Liberty Market Building

171 East Liberty Street # 221 | 416-530-9866

7. New Circles Community Services

161 Bartley Drive | 416-422- 2591

8. Smoke + Ash

644 Queen St. West | 647-770-0443


Interested to know more about the New Circles Prom Boutique and the good they do? Here are some important facts to know:

  • -Prom Boutique gives students an opportunity to get

    fully outfitted with formal dresses, suits, accessories

    and shoes at no cost

  • -It is the largest city wide program serving young men and

    women in Toronto

  • -Last year they served 560 youth across Toronto with

    help from our partner high schools and community


  • -In the past 9 years over 3,560 youth have been provided

    with prom wear

  • -The majority of participants are newly arrived in Canada

  • -All participants are from households where poverty levels are among

    the highest in the city

If you’re ready to donate to the Prom Boutique 2017 please note that they are looking for new or lightly worn dresses, slim fit suits, slim shit shirts and pants, ties and accessories, evening bags and jewellery, shoes and new makeup.

For more information please visit their website HERE.

Thank you for getting involved!




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