So often I find myself in conversations with friends, peers and acquaintances that surround the topic of ‘giving back‘ and supporting everything from local to global causes. One main concern that surfaces every time is how you can support or get involved whenĀ finances are tight or you feel like you can’t afford to make a contribution that counts.

After many years of working closely with SickKids and charities that are important to me, what I’ve come to learn — and what I try to remind everyone — is that every dollar counts, and there’s no contribution that’s too small.

I can absolutely relate to the feelingĀ of not havingĀ enough spare cash to give, but I have found ways to raise money and contribute to the causes I believe in by getting creative, and calling upon my community to help out.

Now that SickKids has announced theĀ largestĀ fundraising campaign in Canadian healthcare history, there’s no better time to band together to help raise the needed $1.3 Billion dollars to build a new hospital that’s fit for 21st century medicine.

If you’re looking to find different ways to help support even when budgets are tight, see below for 5 ways you can support the new SickKids hospital with your community and crew:

A rockstar moment at the unveiling of the #SickKidsVS campaign

Become a Monthly Donor

SickKids announced today their mission to acquire 5000 new monthly donors by the end of 2017, so step 1 to getting involved would be signing up as a monthly donor if you can. SickKids wants to remind everyone interested in becoming a monthly donor that any donation value helps them work towards reaching their goal! To commit to SickKids as a monthly donor (or to donate one time) please click HERE.

Host a Fundraiser

If finding money to spare for a one time or monthly donation from your personal budget isn’t an option, consider raising money to donate through a fundraiser of your own. However big or small you want to make it is up to you, it could be anything from hosting a pot luck or bake sale at your office to adding a “cover charge” at your next house party. Last year my friend Daniel Reyes of Do The Daniel and I were able to raise over one thousand dollars for SickKids in one evening by selling some of our coveted swag together atĀ a Midnight MRKT event that generously donated a table space to help us with our fundraising sale.

sickkids mural toronto

The #SickKidsVS mural on Eastern Avenue

Share Your Community Mural

We all know that social media is a powerful tool and here’s your chance to use your channels for a good cause. If you live in Toronto, try to find the new SickKids VS murals that have appeared in major neighbourhoods acrossĀ the city for the public to share. Take a snap of your local mural, or a photo of you in it, and share your image with a message to help rally your online community to get involved in supporting this major #SickKidsVS fundraiser.

Use Your Voice Online and Offline

Yes, of course sharing online is important, but so is sharing IRL. Bring up fundraising ideas with your colleagues and crew to help spread the word, and even start coming up with ways you can come together to raise a significant donationĀ to go towards building the new hospital for SickKids.Ā  If any one needs an extra push to get on board, just share the latest campaign video with them that you can see below:

EncourageĀ Donations Over Gifts

Many of us are lucky to live lives with more ‘things’ than we really need and most of us know we don’t need more.Ā Is receiving more random gifts that you’ll never use this Christmas truly going to bring you joy? Probably not. If you’re on the same page, why not encourage your friends, family and colleagues to make a donation to SickKids on your behalf instead ofĀ purchasing a gift? This way you both know that any amount of money spent goes towards supporting a great cause.

For more information on the SickKids Foundation please click HERE.



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